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*Instructions are for Crystal Pools purchased at Elizabethtown, Lancaster, and Mechanicsburg locations.

Above Ground Winterizing Instructions

NOTE: A pool that is left up during freezing winter temperatures MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAK. To determine if your pool is leaking, mark the liner at the water level and very closely observe the water level in the pool for a period of ten days or two weeks after the pool is closed for the season. Any rain during this period may compensate for undetected water leakage. Therefore, observation period must be extended to find any leaks. ALL LEAKS MUST BE FOUND AND IMMEDIATELY REPAIRED. Any water leakage, which is undetected or occurs after top surface is frozen, will allow for the frozen surface to settle and may damage the pool liner.

With the approaching fall season, we feel that is is important that you begin to plan for the winterizing of your pool. Below is a checklist that will help you properly winterize your pool.

  1. Adjust PH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.
  2. The evening before you will be winterizing your pool, triple shock treat your pool with granular chlorine. Run your filter at least 2 hours or preferably overnight.
  3. Vacuum the pool thoroughly.
  4. Backwash filter thoroughly.
  5. Reduce water level to the base of the pool return or underwater light (if any) or install winterizing plate.
  6. Plug pool return with a rubber plug, threaded plug or the winterizing disc (Do not plug skimmer).
  7. Aqua-Luminator Light:
    1. Remove the power cord from the light by inserting a slotted screwdriver into the access hole and prying it upward.
    2. Disconnect the wire connectors and push them into the rear of the bulb assembly.
    3. Remove the round bulb assembly nut from back of body.
    4. Remove entire bulb assembly and slotted flow director by pulling in toward the pool.
    5. Plug the light body at the pool with a number 8 1/2 rubber plug.
    6. Remove and store transformer and bulb.
  8. Winterize the filtration system.
    1. Drain water from filter by opening drain valve on DE filters or un-screw drain cap on sand filters. These are located at the bottom of the filter tank.
    2. Remove drain plug on bottom of black pump housing with 9/16" wrench to allow water to drain from pump.
    3. Drain automatic chlorinator (if any).
    4. Drain Vision system by removing drain plug and discard used cartridge (if any).
    5. Un-screw pressure gauge and air vent.
    6. Disconnect hoses attached to skimmer and return.
    7. Store system in garage or shed.
  9. Remove all in-pool accessories: ladders, thermometer, etc.
  10. Add Crystal winterizing kit.
  11. Install winter cover.
  12. Keep the majority of fall rains pumped or siphoned off the pool cover. You may allow a couple of inches to remain to prevent the wind from lifting cover.

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