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Swimming Pool Service and Repair

Professional repair, maintenance & cleaning

As one of Central PA’s most trusted providers of swimming pools and hot tubs, we offer all forms of pool service, including repair, maintenance and cleaning. Our Pool Service Technicians are experienced professionals who can help you keep your pool in excellent condition. From one-time repair jobs to ongoing maintenance plans, we’re here to assist you with any aspect of your pool.

The following services are available for pools originally purchased through Crystal Pools.

  • Above Ground and In-Ground Pool Openings
    This would include: vacuuming, double shocking, removal and cleaning of winter cover, installing accessories i.e., ladders, plugs, diving boards, charging filter with de powder, and starting up pump and filter. Please remember if you have a Visions system to let us know so we can bring along a new cartridge when scheduling your opening.

    For the “Do It Yourselfers”

    In-Ground Pool Opening Guide
    Above Ground Pool Opening Guide

  • Above Ground and In-Ground Pool Closings
    This would include: vacuuming, triple shocking, removing and installing accessories i.e., gizmos, ladders, diving boards, installing of winter cover, and backwashing filter.

    For the “Do It Yourselfers”

    In-ground Winterizing Guide 
    Above Ground Winterizing Guide

  • Pool Cleanings Offered:
    – Weekly
    – Bi-weekly
    – Monthly
    – Or while you’re on vacationThis service can include: vacuuming of pool, shocking, changing de powder, adding tablets, cleaning out pump and skimmer baskets, cleaning water line, and bringing back a water sample to ensure proper water chemistry.
  • Liner Replacements
    We strongly recommend scheduling your liner replacement a year in advance, especially if you’re planning ahead for a special event, such as a graduation party. Each spring, we have approximately 100-115 liners to install. Planning a year in advance will ensure that your new liner is installed on time.
  • Miscellaneous Work
    Pump not working? Filter need to be cleaned and inspected? Give the pool service department a call!
  • Installation of LOOP-LOC Covers
    – Mesh
    – ULTRA-LOC with drain panels
    – Solid safety with automatic pump

Request service now or call our Pool Service Department at (717) 534-1837.