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3 Ridiculously Fun Hot Tub Games to Try

Hot Tub Games

Relaxing in the hot tub is always enjoyable. But sometimes you want to up the fun factor a little. Whether you’re soaking with family or throwing a hot tub party with friends, there are lots of exciting games you can play to keep everyone engaged and having a great time.

Today, we look at 3 popular games to try during your next hot tub get-together.

1) Hut Tub Hockey

This is a really fun hot tub game for all ages. All you need are 2+ people (the more, the better) and a ping pong ball (or any other floating object – some people like to use floating rubber duckies).

Goal of the game: Get the ball to touch the opposing team’s side of the tub by creating waves or blowing on it.

Create 2 teams, which will sit on opposite ends of the hot tub. Place the ball in the center of the hot tub. Announce the start of the round by saying “go” or blowing a whistle. Then, each team will try to get the ball to touch the other team’s side of the hot tub by blowing on it, creating waves or splashing. No touching the ball – only air or water.

First team to score 3 points wins. For added fun during multiple rounds, the winning team of each round gets to impose a “penalty” on the other team. Get creative!

2) Pass the Bottle

Another classic hot tub game that’s really fun as long as you don’t mind getting up-close with the people around you! All you need to play is people and a bottle of water.

Goal of the game: Pass the bottle all the way around the hot tub without using your hands.

Here’s another catch: you can’t pass the bottle using the same body part as the person who’s accepting it. For example, if you’re passing it with your feet, the person accepting it can’t use their feet, but they could use their armpit. Keep it going around as many times as possible. If you drop it, the others impose a penalty of their choosing and you must start over using a different body part.

If everyone is very skilled and has no trouble passing the bottle around, add difficulty by removing the cap (don’t spill!) or using a frozen bottle of water.

3) Ping Pong Panic

This one is a fast-paced game, so be careful!

Goal of the game: Don’t let the ping pong balls touch you! Outlast everyone to win.

Stock up on ping pong balls – at least 10. At the beginning of the game, you’ll only need five. Drop them all in the center of the hot tub. Then, stay away from them! If a ball touches any part of your body, you’re banished from the hot tub until there is only one player remaining (the winner). When avoiding the balls, you must keep both feet inside the hot tub. The winner of each round gets to impose penalties on the others for the next round.

Remember: always be safe, play responsibly and have fun!