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Enjoy Year-Round Relaxation in a New Family Hot Tub

Hot tubs are well-known for their therapeutic and health benefits, including stress relief, reduced blood pressure and alleviation of muscle pain. But have you considered how a new hot tub can also improve your quality of life?

You may already be dreaming about soaking in the hot, bubbly water after work or while sipping your coffee on a cold Saturday morning. But the fact is everyone in your family will get enjoyment out of a new family hot tub. And chances are, you’ll be spending a lot more time together as well.

Crystal Pools carries all the best hot tub brands, including Jacuzzi, Hot Spring and Endless Pools fitness systems. We have many 2020 models still in stock, so it’s not too late to grab a great deal on your dream spa.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which your new hot tub can enrich your relationships with loved ones.

More Family Time

Imagine having a space to get together with the whole family, without any devices or screens.

Hot tubs are a great activity that everyone in your family will enjoy. You’ll spend more time together, have more conversations and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll create new traditions: perhaps Sunday mornings in the hot tub before breakfast … a Christmas morning soak after opening presents … Monday evenings after school and work.

Many new hot tubs can also provide a customized experience to each person who sits in them. Mom and Dad may prefer the therapeutic hydro-massage with jets customized to each of their preferences, while the kids play with the fun water features.

Crystal Pools has a wide range of styles and options available, including both new and pre-owned hot tubs.

More Social Time

After your new hot tub is installed, one of the first things you’ll do is invite people over!

Everybody loves the blissful experience of soaking in a hot tub. It’s a natural gathering spot for friends and loved ones, and it’s great for parties too. Your tub will bring you together with the important people in your life, giving you a great reason to socialize and entertain.

Our favorite brands, like Jacuzzi, offer sizes that fit up to 9 people, so there’s room for everyone!

More Intimate Time

Your hectic lifestyle leaves little room for spending quality time with your partner. But with a hot tub, you’ll create that time, unwinding together after a long day.

Your hot tub creates a private, inviting space to relax and reconnect with each other. It’s the intimate time that we all need for a healthy, thriving relationship.

Whether it’s “date night” or every night, you and your partner will love soaking together in your new hot tub.

Me Time

Sometimes, you just need your own private space … a space to clear your mind and get away from it all. Your hot tub is the ideal place—outside your home and away from all the stresses of the day. It’s a quiet, relaxing spot to think, meditate, read a book or simply decompress.

And the best part is, you can retreat to your hot tub at any time of year. Fall, winter, spring or summer—there’s no wrong time to soak in the hot water. When you’ve got your own private hot tub in your backyard, it’s always the right time.

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