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How to close your pool

How to close your pool

Sadly, it’s that time of year again.

With summer days winding down, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool for the colder seasons. Now is a good time to make sure you have everything you need to close the pool once temperatures begin to drop. The more prep you do now, the less work you’ll have to do later.

Closing your pool at the end of summer is essential, especially in our region. By winterizing the equipment, water and structure, you help to preserve your pool and also ensure a faster opening next summer.

Here are some tips on how to successfully close your in-ground pool. (For above-ground pools, follow these instructions (PDF).)


  1. Triple shock your pool with granular chlorine the evening before you plan on winterizing your pool.
  2. Vacuum the pool thoroughly.
    a. Backwash the filter thoroughly.
    b. When filter is clean, let drain valve at bottom of tank open.
  3. Winterize pool filter, automatic chlorinator, Visions system, and or Chlorine Cell
    a. Remove and store air vent cap and pressure gauge.
    b. Remove and store chlorinator drain plug.
    c. Remove and dispose properly, any undissolved tablets.
    d. Remove and store Visions drain plug.
    e. Remove and dispose of Visions cartridge.
    f. Remove water from chlorine Generation Cell and reconnect unions.
  4. Winterize pump
    a. Remove and store strainer basket.
    b. Remove and store the two winterizing plugs on front and sides of pump housing, near the bottom.
    c. Turn main breaker to pump off or remove fuses, so the pump cannot be accidentally turned on over the winter season.
  5. Drain gas heater or heat pump.
    a. Gas Heater – open petcock valve on side of heater to drain out the water.
    b. Turn off gas at heater gas valve and valve on gas tank.
    c. Heat pump – disconnect inlet and outlet lines going into the heat pump. Remove the drain plug on the outside of the Heat Pump and let drain. By using a shop vac, blow air through inlet side of heat pump so excess water is exited through outlet side of heat pump.
    d. Turn breaker off to the heat pump.
    e. Refer to owner’s manual for further instruction.
  6. Remove and store:
    a. Skimmer baskets
    b. Lifeline floats. Leave eye hooks/bolts in place.
    c. Thermometer
    d. Ladders and handrails – DO NOT STORE IN SAME LOCATION AS CHLORINE
    e. Diving board (store board flat to avoid warping)
    f. Diving board base (grease thread studs and install protective caps)
    g. Fountains
  7. Screw a Gizzmo into the bottom of each skimmer.
    a. Remove protective grate.
    b. Screw in a 1-1/2” PVC threaded pipe plug (hand tight only). Leave the overflow port open if you are covering the pool with a mesh safety cover.
  8. Underwater lights
    a. The conventional 500-watt light or Led light can remain in place. Be sure to turn off breaker or remove fuses.
  9. Add Crystal winterizing chemical kit to pool.
  10. If you have a 12 mil solid vinyl cover, unfold the cover along one side of the pool and temporarily anchor this side with a few partially filled water tubes.
    a. Now with a person at each end of the unanchored corners, pull the cover across the pool.
    b. Adjust the cover so it fits evenly around the pool.
    c. Place the water tubes on the edges of the cover and fill with water (continue until all tubes are full).NOTE: Do not overfill water tubes. Tubes should be filled so that they are oval or egg shaped.
    CAUTION: Keep the fall rains pumped or siphoned off your pool cover. 1”-2” of water is OK. However, remember drowning can occur. Adult supervision is necessary.
  11. If you have a safety mesh or safety solid cover, stretch the cover over the pool and align the springs with their respective anchors. Turn the brass anchor with the allen wrench tool so the anchor is exposed above the concrete. Attach the springs to the anchors using the metal or plastic installation tool


Need help? Just give us a buzz! We’ll go over specific steps for closing your pool. Or, if you prefer, we can send our service professionals to take care of it for you.