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Is it too early to open your swimming pool?

open your swimming pool

As temperatures begin to finally rise in March, many pool owners will be getting eager to open up their pool for the summer season. But is it too early?

The short answer is: Yes; you’ll want to wait a bit longer.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping now, so that you have everything ready once it’s time.

So, when is the best time to open your swimming pool?

Generally speaking, in our region, you should wait until daytime temperatures are consistently at a minimum of 70 degrees. Here in Central PA, it’s not unusual to experience freezing temperatures and snow in March. So, it’s generally best to wait until after the spring season begins.

Should I wait until summer?

No, not necessarily. Again, generally speaking, it’s better to open your pool sooner. As temperatures begin to rise, algae is more likely to form. The longer you let the algae grow in late spring and early summer, the more work your pool opening may require.

What can I do now to get ready?

This is where you can get a jump on your pool opening, and save yourself some time, before it’s actually time to open it.

Start by making sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies – ideally in a location where you’ll be able to easily retrieve them on the day of your pool opening. Have a hose for siphoning and/or a pool-cover water pump ready, which you’ll use to remove any water from the top of your pool cover.

Consult our in-ground pool opening checklist to ensure you can locate, replace and/or reinstall a number of different items, such as plugs, cartridges, skimmer baskets, chlorinator, chlorine tablets and other supplies needed to shock the pool.

And don’t forget about all your accessories, like diving boards and ladders. Ideally, you’ll have organized all these items last fall, so that they’re easy to find.

If you’re not sure what supplies you’ll need to open your pool, just give us a call.

Help! Can you do it for me?

Absolutely. If you’d rather have our experienced Pool Service Technicians open the pool for you, we’re happy to help. Call us today to schedule the pool opening, so you won’t have to worry about it later. We’ll make sure your pool is opened properly, so that once you’re ready to take a dip this summer, all you’ll need to do is dive in.