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Need to replace your liner? Plan ahead.

replace your liner

If you’re one of our seasoned customers, you may be thinking about replacing your liner at some point. But if you wait until the busy season – in the spring, when everyone else is installing their liners at the same time – then you could experience some delays.

Installing a new liner makes your pool look new again and is generally recommended every 10 to 15 years. As your liner ages, you’ll want to replace it for both aesthetic and practical reasons for keeping your pool in good condition. It also allows you to change the look of your pool if you’ve grown tired of the design/color of your current liner.

Just be sure to plan your installation well in advance.

Every year, we have numerous customers who call us in the spring, hoping to have a new liner installed before their upcoming Memorial Day party, graduation party, 4th of July party and other celebrations. By the time spring rolls around, we have approximately 100 to 115 liners to install. And while we certainly do our best to satisfy every customer, we would encourage you to plan ahead.

Most customers will schedule their liner replacement a year in advance.

This will ensure that your new liner will be installed in time for your special event, or before pool season begins. Keep in mind vinyl liners are a petroleum-based product and we all know these products increase regularly in cost. If you have any questions regarding liner replacement or any other service inquiries, please feel free to call our pool service department at our Hershey/Elizabethtown location: 717.534.1837.