The Clear Choice for Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs – Since 1964 - Crystal Pools, Inc.

The Clear Choice for Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs – Since 1964

This year, Crystal Pools is proud to be celebrating 55 years as a family-owned business, serving Central Pennsylvania with professionally installed swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

Since our founding in 1964, we’ve gained the reputation as the region’s clear choice for pool and spa sales, service and installation.

We understand that our customers have many choices when it comes to choosing a pool installer. That’s why we’re so proud to be recognized by thousands of homeowners, as well as industry peers, for our excellent customer service and knowledge.

If you’re comparing your options, allow us to share with you what makes Crystal Pools unique:

55 years of experience

When installing a pool, experience is everything. Crystal Pools has been doing it for more than five decades. In fact, more than 40% of our staff has been involved in the pool business for more than 20 years. We are one of the few pool companies that still employs the majority of its building crews. We have troubleshooted every installation challenge imaginable – so we know what it takes to make your pool perfect.

Family owned

We are a third-generation, family-owned business with deep roots throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our family started the business in 1964, and nearly a dozen family members are involved today. We’ve remained in the same Elizabethtown / Hershey location ever since, while adding additional stores in Mechanicsburg and Lancaster to serve customers all over the Susquehanna Valley.

Superior knowledge and skill

Our extensive experience translates into a deep knowledge of swimming pool sales, service and installation. The skill of our installers is unmatched, ensuring that your pool is quality-constructed from start to finish. Even after your pool is installed, we serve as an ongoing resource for our customers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to care for their pools and enhance their backyard paradise.

Support at every step

From answering your first initial questions to putting the finishing touches on your pool, we make the entire process as simple as can be. We can assist you with every step, including the permit process. Since we work with local municipalities all the time, your local officials will know that Crystal Pools has properly researched the site and will comply with all applicable building codes.

Always here to help

We have friendly staff that can answer any question, thoroughly and promptly. We will never attempt to “oversell” our services or products – we are here to provide you with honest, straightforward information, so that you can make an informed decision yourself.

Wide service area

Because of our reputation for quality and service, customers come from all over Central Pennsylvania to our three locations in Elizabethtown / Hershey, Mechanicsburg and Lancaster. Our wide service area includes the counties of Lancaster, York, Cumberland and Dauphin, as well as Perry, Adams and Lebanon. If you’re not sure if we serve your area, just give us a call.

Rich history

It’s not just our 55 years of operation that makes us unique, but also the little-known story behind our founding.

Before starting Crystal Pools, the parents of the current owners ordered a pool for their own backyard. Crews came, dug a giant hole, delivered the materials, and then disappeared. The pool company went belly up, leaving our family stranded.

Not knowing anything about installing a pool, our family got the help of local tradesmen and built the pool themselves. Friends joked that our family should use their newfound skill and knowledge to go into business for themselves – and so they did! That was how Crystal Pools got its start and it’s why we have been so focused on quality and customer service for 55 years.

Contact us for more information

If you’re looking for a great pool-buying experience, a smooth installation process and a reliable partner you can depend on for years to come, we hope you’ll consider Crystal Pools. Call us today or stop by any location.