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What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Installer

Swimming Pool Installer

When investing in a backyard swimming pool, you need to make sure it’s installed properly by experienced professionals. Otherwise, you’ll be dumping money into costly pool repairs for years to come.

But what makes one pool installer better than another? How can you be sure that you’re dealing with experts who know what they’re doing?

Here’s what to look for:


Buying a swimming pool is a big financial decision. Why trust the installation to someone who has never done it before (or even a company that has only done it a few times)?

Even with the right tools and instructions, an inexperienced pool installer is likely to make serious mistakes that will cost you big and also delay the completion. That applies to both above-ground and in-ground pools.

When comparing installers, always stick to companies that have extensive, verifiable experience. The more, the better.

Pool options

A greater variety of pool layouts, styles and options is often a good indication of greater expertise. Also, it means you’ll have a greater number of options to choose from, so you can get the perfect pool for your budget, needs and preferences.

Pool Brands

Why would the brand of the pool matter when choosing an installer? For above-ground pools, some manufacturers are extremely selective in choosing the dealers that are permitted to sell their products. In some cases, dealers must meet strict requirements for installation experience, skill and other factors. So when you find an installer that’s an approved dealer of a top brand, you’ll know you’re working with a professional.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to determine the quality of service and skill you can expect from an installer. Look for reviews on independent, third-party sites, such as Google and Facebook. While a few bad reviews don’t necessarily reflect a bad apple, be wary of companies that have significant negative feedback. Also, look past the star ratings and read the reviews in full to see specifics about each customer’s experience.

References & Referrals

Go beyond the written reviews and actually talk to the installer’s customers. Ask for references that have agreed to be contacted by prospective customers like yourself. Since you’re getting these references from the installer, the feedback will probably all be positive. But these conversations are still valuable, because you’ll be able to ask questions and get more specifics about their experience.

It also doesn’t hurt to ask around! Ask friends, family and coworkers if they can recommend an installer they’ve used.


If you’re calling several different installers, you’ll know pretty quickly which ones are professional and which aren’t. The best pool installers will treat you with respect, courtesy and kindness at every interaction, including that very first phone call. If you find a company that’s reluctant to answer your questions, slow to return your phone calls or simply doesn’t know the meaning of good customer service, then it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere.

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