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6 things you may not realize about hot tubs

Don’t own a hot tub? Then you probably don’t even realize all the ways you’re missing out.

In a survey conducted by Hot Spring earlier this year, the spa manufacturer found some interesting differences between people’s perceptions of hot tubs and the ways that owners actually use them. The results indicate that hot tub owners cite the wellness benefits of a personal spa more frequently – and in different ways – than most non-owners expect.

Here are some of the more noteworthy findings:

  1. The single most popular time for surveyed owners to use their hot tubs is right before bedtime. Only 31.6% of non-owners guessed that would be an optimal time to use the hot tub. In fact, nearly 90% of non-owners anticipated that they’d primarily use “after work” and “weekends” to jump in the hot tub. But by contrast, only 53.8% of owners said that’s when they use it.
  2. Nearly half of hot tub owners said their hot tubs are important for “family time.” Only 23% of non-owners had considered they might use a spa as a family activity.
  3. 1 out of 10 owners said they use their hot tub “first thing in the morning.” This should come as a surprise to non-owners: only 2% of respondents guessed they would use their spa for an AM soak.
  4. Many owners consider the installation of a hot tub an investment in their home. This view was double the amount of non-owners, most of whom hadn’t considered the spa as an investment.
  5. Only 64% of non-owners consider using a hot tub to relieve stress. That’s a far cry from the overwhelming majority of owners (nearly 84%) who use it regularly for stress relief.
  6. 1 of out of 3 hot tub owners report having better sleep from using their hot tub owners. That was almost double the perception (18.3%) of non-owners.

In virtually every category, hot tub owners gave more numerous and varied reasons for using hot tubs than non-owners: recovering after exercise, recuperating from injury, or even simply having an “adult beverage” at the end of a long day.

These findings help prove a very important point: you simply don’t know all the ways you’ll enjoy a hot tub until you actually have one.