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7 Pool & Spa Resolutions for 2017

Happy 2017!

With the start of the New Year, millions of people will be setting new goals to lose weight, get in shape and make other transformations in their lives. If you’re making your own resolutions, why not factor in your favorite spot to take a dip? The use of swimming pools and hot tubs can help you reach many of your health and wellness goals, while benefiting other areas of your life, too,

As you start your New Year’s journey, here are 7 great pool-and- spa-related resolutions to consider:

1. Swim at least once a week. 
If you have a pool, you probably already do this during the summer. But how intensive is it? Take a few minutes, at least once a week, to do a workout in the pool – whether it’s swimming laps, pool aerobics or other exercise. Moving around in the pool, no matter how minimal, is beneficial to your health. But by committing to a strenuous water workout each week, you’ll see noticeable results even faster.

2. Soak more. Stress less. 
This applies to both hot tubs and swimming pools, but the hot tub is especially useful since you can use it year-round. Soaking in a spa has proven health benefits on the mind and body. The more time you commit to your hot tub, the better you’ll feel! Make time to do it throughout the week, whether it’s after work or right before bed, and say goodbye to stress.

3. Throw more parties.
Yep. We said it. If you like having people around when you’re going in the pool or hot tub, then why not do it more often? Make a point to host more pool parties in 2017, even if they’re just casual get-togethers. Your friends and family will certainly thank you, and besides all the fun you’ll have, you’ll also benefit from the socialization.

4. Open your pool earlier.
Okay, this one depends partly on the weather. But assuming the conditions are good, why delay opening your pool? Mark a date on your calendar right now for when you want to open the pool. Also, in the meantime, make sure you already have the supplies you need, so you can start the pool season as earlyas possible this year.

5. Keep it clean.
Admit it – you haven’t been keeping the pool or the hot tub as clean as it could be. But the good news is: maintaining them is really easy when you stick to a consistent schedule. Make a plan for cleaning and maintaining your pool or spa on a regular basis and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

6. Create more family time. 
Remember those “parties” we mentioned above? Those can be for family too. Spending time with your spouse and kids in the pool or hot tub is an easy way to bring the family together. And it’s an activity that everyone loves.

7. Finally get the pool or spa you’ve been dreaming about.
This one is for those of you who don’t yet have a pool or spa or have been thinking about an upgrade. Why not finally make the decision in 2017? We understand that swimming pools and hot tubs are big investments. But when you consider the numerous benefits, you’ll see that it’s an investment that will continue to reward you, and your family, for many years to come.