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7 Things People Forget When Closing their Pools for Winter

In previous posts, we discussed when to close your swimming pool for winter and how. But when it comes to actually closing the pool, chances are there are few steps you might forget if you’re not careful.

If you live in Central PA, where temperatures have begun their final descent into the cooler months ahead, then you’ve probably considered closing your pool by now, if it’s not closed already. Most pool owners remember to properly “shock” their pools for winter. But what about all the “little things” you need to do? Some steps are easy to forget.

We’ve put together this short checklist to help you keep your pool equipment safe from the harsh winter weather.

Remember, these are only a handful of the many important steps you need to take. If you need more instructions, be sure to read our complete checklist to closing your pool, or contact our service department to do it for you.

1. Did you shut off electricity to the pump?

We strongly recommend turning off the main breaker to your pump or removing fuses. This ensures that the pump cannot be accidentally turned on over the winter season.

2. Did you remove the skimmer baskets?

Freezing water can easily destroy your skimmer baskets and other items, like the thermometer, fountains, and lifeline floats. Remove them from the pool and store them away for the winter season. Don’t forget to install those green gizzmos!

3. Did you store the ladders and handrails separately from the chlorine?

Ladders and handrails need to be kept away from freezing water too. But you shouldn’t store them in the same place that you store your chlorine. In poorly ventilated areas, chlorine gas can cause nearby metals to rust.

4. Did you store the diving board flat?

When storing your diving board, don’t keep it on its side or let part of it hang off a shelf. Storing it flat will help prevent it from warping. Remember to also remove the diving board base, grease the thread studs and install protective caps.

5. Have fiberglass? Underground plumbing needs to be winterized.

Fiberglass-pool owners must remember that additional steps are required to winterize the underground plumbing. Please give our service department a call at 717-534-1837 for specific instructions.

6. Did you drain all water from the pump?

Remember: standing water is bad. Your pump should be completely drained, with all excess water removed and plugs removed.

7. Did you add our winterizing chemical kit?

At Crystal Pools, we make it easy to protect your pool with the proper chemicals by using our winterizing chemical kit. This is essential for keeping the pool protected during the harsh weather and also ensuring an easier opening in the spring. You can purchase this kit at any Crystal Pools location.