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Halloween Hot Tub Party? Yes, Please!

For many people, Halloween is the unofficial start of hot tub season. By October 31, the weather has usually consistently cooled down, creating the perfect conditions for a relaxing soak, any night of the week.

Since Halloween is already one of the most fun holidays of the year, why not combine the two celebrations? Hot tub + Halloween party = a frighteningly good time!

Here’s how to pull it off.

Spooky Invitations

A good Halloween party starts with creative invitations. This is your chance to create some intrigue and set a fun mood long before the actual party.

Be clear in the invitation that this isn’t an ordinary Halloween party. It’s a Hot Tub Halloween Party. Tell guests to bring their bathing suits, along with any other instructions to make the night fun. Should they wear costumes? Will there be games? Do they need their own towels? Include essential details without giving away the night’s biggest surprises.

A Haunted Hot Tub

Turn your hot tub into a ghoulishly fun space. If it’s not already covered, consider building a canopy structure around the hot tub, through which your guests can enter “at their own risk.” Decorate generously with Halloween themes to turn the hot tub into a mini haunted house.

Spider webs, goblins, zombies – there’s practically no limit to the eerie themes you can create.

Towels, Towels & More Towels

No matter how small your party, be sure to create a large towel station near the hot tub. Guests will probably use several throughout the party as they get in and out of the tub. So make sure an ample supply of fresh, dry towels is always within reach.

Dirty Hot Tub? Eek!

One truly scary thing about a hot tub Halloween party is a nasty, grime-covered tub. Who wants that? If you’ve been properly maintaining your hot tub, then this shouldn’t be an issue. But be sure to do a final inspection on the day of the party to make sure the hot tub is sparkling clean.

It’s Bloody Brilliant!

Set your LED lights to the red color for a way to turn your hot tub water into a virtual blood bath! The red water is a vampire haven!

Games Galore

Give guests something to do once they’re in the hot tub. You can never go wrong with classics like charades or simply sharing scary stories.

Food and Drinks

Food and refreshments are key to any party, so be sure to stock up. If alcohol is served, make sure people use the hot tub responsibly to prevent accidents. Also, provide water to keep guests hydrated.

Have a great Halloween, be safe, and let us know how your hot tub party goes!