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7 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Pool Party

Ultimate Pool Party

We all know that swimming pools can offer numerous health benefits – both physical and mental – in addition to providing a way to stay cool on the hottest summer days. But there’s yet another great reason why pool owners (and their friends and family) love having pools in their backyard: pool parties.

Pool parties are a unique alternative to traditional indoor gatherings and backyard BBQs. They let your guests enjoy the sunshine, go for a dip, and take part in fun pool games that they’ll probably remember for years to come. They’re perfect for so many different celebrations during throughout the spring and summer seasons:

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Family reunions
  • Weddings
  • Engagement parties
  • College going-away parties

There’s really no wrong reason to throw a pool party. But you need to do it right if you want yours to be a rousing success. Here are some simple tips to ensure your next pool party is a blast.

  1. Send paper invitations Nothing says “party” like an old-fashioned paper invitation in the mail.
    While Facebook and other online event invitation platforms offer convenience, paper invitations still feel more personal and important. They show you’re already putting in the extra effort to make the party a success. Be sure to include lots of fun details on what you have planned (give some hints without revealing your biggest surprises). Ask for RSVPs, so that you can plan accordingly.
  2. Create a theme.
    It’s all about atmosphere. Luau, 80s retro, beach party, oldies nostalgia, movie night, Great Gatsby cocktail hour – there’s virtually no limit to the themes you can create for your pool party. Giving your party a theme will make it easier to choose the decorations and it will also make the party more fun and memorable.
  3. Go big on decorations.
    Once you’ve picked a theme, go crazy with decorations, as long as it’s within the budget. If the party will continue into night, hang lights in various spots to create a unique ambience. Use unique floats, table decorations, balloons – whatever matches your theme.
  4. Build a menu.
    Think beyond burgers and hot dogs. Create a menu that matches your theme, while giving people the yummy food they want to eat. Add food stations in several spots: for example, a station for dry snacks, a station for hot finger foods, a station for the main dish, a station for drinks and so on. This makes it easier for people to get what they want, while ensuring food is always within reach.
  5. Plan events and games.
    Give people things to do. Not all guests will automatically know about the best pool games. Create some fun signs with suggestions on how to play different games, or make an event out of it by planning a tournament. Offer even more activities outside the pool, like Volleyball, badminton, Slip n’ Slide and so on.
  6. Towels, towels, and more towels.
    Every pool party needs a towel station. People will be in and out of the pool and will want to be able to dry off, especially if they need to go inside. Stock up on towels and put them somewhere where everyone can see them. Your towel station is also a great spot to keep other essentials, like bottled water, sunscreen and a first aid kit.
  7. Keep things safe.
    This is especially important if it’s a kids’ party. Don’t let things get too unruly. Don’t allow roughhousing in the pool. Don’t let the adults abuse the alcohol. Remember: you can still maintain strict safety rules while creating an atmosphere in which everyone has a ridiculously fun time.