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Exercise Value of an Endless Pools Swim Spa

When it comes to exercise, few things benefit your body quite as well as swimming and aquatic fitness. But not everybody has access to a swimming pool or the space for one in their backyard.

Thankfully, an Endless Pools Swim Spa offers the perfect solution.

A swim spa is your own personal swimming pool, in a compact design that’s not much bigger than some hot tubs. But unlike a traditional spa, a swim spa is equipped with a hydraulically powered propulsion system—a.k.a. a swim machine—which allows you to swim in place. It feels just like you’re swimming in open water, and you can even control the “speed” with a waterproof remote.

Let’s take a closer look at how these brilliant little pools can exercise your body (and mind).

Low-impact workouts for all ages & skill levels

Swim spas aren’t just for professional swimmers – they’re for everyone! We all know that running and even walking can be rough on the knees and back, especially for aging bodies. A swim spa removes the impact, allowing you to work out your legs, arms and other muscles in a comfortable, private setting.

Physical rehabilitation

If you have an injury or physical ailment, an Endless Pools Swim Spa can aid in rehabilitation and recovery. Swim spas are often recommended by physicians as an effective way to rebuild strength and stamina. Beyond swimming, simply moving around and doing aerobic exercises in a swim spa can help reduce pain and swelling, improve flexibility and promote better blood circulation.

Performance training

Active swimmer? Competitive athlete? No matter what your sport, a swim spa can help you up your game. A swim spa allows for targeted training, allowing you to focus on different strokes and exercises that work various parts of your body. No turns and stopping, like in a traditional pool. You can keep going, pushing your body and endurance as hard as you choose. This is why swim spas are popular with athletes in numerous sports, including tennis, motorsports, basketball, triathlons and more.

Treadmill workouts It’s not just about swimming. An Endless Pools Swim Spa can also be equipped with a hydraulically powered underwater treadmill. This gives you all of the cardiovascular benefits of walking—without the rough-on-the-knees impact of land-based exercise.

Therapeutic value

Numerous studies have shown the therapeutic effect of relaxing in warm water. So whether you’re doing some simple, stress-free aerobics or simply soaking up some “me time,” you’ll come out of the spa feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

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