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How to Choose a Hot Tub (and Maximize the Benefits)

Soaking in a hot tub is scientifically proven to benefit your health. From stress relief to muscle relaxation, hot tubs are good for both mind and body.

But since not all hot tubs are the same, it’s important to compare your options carefully. By selecting the right hot tub for you and your family, you can greatly increase your enjoyment AND maximize the benefits.

Here are a few things to consider:


The size of your hot tub is perhaps the most important consideration, and it’s one of the key factors that will affect the price.

Hot tubs sizes are typically sized by the number of people who can sit inside it, i.e. a 4-person hot tub, 6-person hot tub, etc. To maximize your enjoyment, choose a size that’s a good fit for how many people will realistically use it on a regular basis. Leave room for immediate family and/or guests.


How many jets are there? More importantly, where are they placed?

If you want to maximize the benefits of hydro-massage, look for hot tubs with jets that are strategically positioned to benefit specific muscles. For example, some hot tubs are designed with multiple jets in and around each seat to massage your back, legs, arms and even your neck.


Find out how your hot tub is made and what the different types of materials mean. You’ll discover this is a big difference between the big-name brands like Jacuzzi and lesser-known manufacturers.

The quality of the materials will directly affect how long your hot tub lasts and how it looks over time. Higher-quality materials will be more resistant to scratches, stains, UV rays and other damage.


Are the seats ergonomically designed to contour to your natural body shape? Or is it just a flat bench?

People have different tastes and comfort preferences, which is why it’s a good idea to actually sit in a few different hot tubs before you buy. Get a feel for it; don’t just go by the pictures you see in a brochure. Also, consider how much space there is if multiple people sit in the hot tub. Will it be comfortably intimate or too cramped?


When it comes to hot tubs, choosing a reputable brand is important. Stick to the names you know: Jacuzzi, HotSpring, Caldera, and so on.

These brands are known for quality and dependability. They’ve been refining and enhancing their hot tubs for years, so that today’s customers get the best possible product. Be wary of unknown brands or prices that seem too good to be true. You don’t want to get stuck with a hot tub that’s uncomfortable or breaks within a year after it’s installed.


Do you need all the extra bells and whistles available in today’s top-of-the-line hot tubs? Maybe not—BUT, if you truly want to maximize your enjoyment, then don’t count out these features just yet.

Consider a feature like Jacuzzi’s Bluewave stereo system, for example. This lets you play music from your smartphone and lets you control it from a touchscreen display built into the hot tub—so you don’t have to bring your phone into the tub (your phone can be 30 feet away). This is an example of a great feature that is sure to enhance your hot tub experience.

Need help?

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