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Should You Buy a Swimming Pool in the Fall?

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We often hear people say it’s better to buy a swimming pool in the “off-season,” such as fall or winter. Their reasoning is that you’ll find better deals during this time, because the demand is lower and people are no longer thinking about pools. But this isn’t necessarily true.

A lot of factors go into the cost of your pool, beyond the time of year when you put down the deposit. While sales promotions and financing offers pop up throughout the year—and by all means, take advantage of them when they do—you have many other things to consider beyond the price.

Our advice: buy a swimming pool when you’re ready. Don’t assume prices will go down next season or that some amazing deal will come along. Instead, use your budget and your desired timeline to determine when to get started on your dream pool.

Here are some tips:

Don’t wait: If you’re ready to buy a pool now, then don’t put it off. Whether it’s September or the middle of winter, there’s no wrong time to start planning your dream pool, if you’re ready. Here’s one important reason why…

Don’t assume prices will fall: Historically, they don’t. Aside from sales and special offices, the prices of swimming pool installation rise over time, as they do with every other product. If you look at a graph of swimming pool costs over the last few decades, the trend is upward, and it will likely continue in that direction, alongside prices in every other market.

Do your research first: If this is your first swimming pool, take the time to understand your options: above-ground, in-ground, shapes, vinyl, fiberglass and so on. Each one has its unique advantages, costs and installation timelines. Educate yourself on your options and ask questions, so you can be sure to choose the pool that’s right for your family, budget and backyard.

Be financially ready: The worst time to buy a swimming pool is when you’re not ready to do so financially. A lot of factors will affect the cost of your pool: not just the pool itself, but the excavation, grading, accessories, landscaping, fencing, and so on. Get a good ballpark quote right from the start. And as you begin choosing on your options, get more accurate projections of the total cost.

Determine your target date: For many homeowners, the decision to finally get a pool is driven by the desire to have it ready by a certain date, i.e. for the family reunion next year or for a graduation party. This is actually a perfectly fine way to plan your pool, provided you’re allowing enough time. Just make sure you know what your target completion date is, as provided by the installers. If you want to have a pool ready for your big celebrations, getting started in the fall is a good idea—don’t wait.

Have questions about buying a pool?

We’re happy to go over your options and provide the answers you need to make your dream pool a reality. Give us a call or stop by any of our three locations in Central PA.

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