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7 Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub in the Fall

Enjoy Your Hot Tub

Fall is arguably one of the best times of the year to enjoy your hot tub. As the temperatures fall, the warm bubbly water provides a haven for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Unlike in winter, you can step outside of the hot tub without feeling like you need to rush for the warmth inside your home. You can go from hot tub to a game of badminton, and back into the tub, without even feeling the need to grab a towel. The cool autumn air provides a refreshing contrast to the water, without feeling frigid.

Want to make your hot tub even more rewarding this fall? Here are 7 great ways to elevate the experience.

1) Pumpkin spice hot tub

You love coffee. You love your hot tub. And in the fall, you probably also love your pumpkin spice lattes, right?

So, why not combine it all? There’s nothing like stepping into a bubbly hot tub on a brisk fall morning, especially when you have some delicious caffeinated beverages with you. Fire up your espresso maker or hit your local coffee shop early, and then soak in the hot tub to enjoy the morning on your terms.

2) Halloween hot tub party

What better way to make your Halloween party memorable than incorporating your hot tub? We wrote an entire post about this last year, with tips on creating spooky invitations, decorations and even making your hot tub water “bloody.”

3) Scary movie night

Movies in the hot tub are so much fun. If you don’t have an outdoor TV in your spa area, don’t worry. It’s just as fun to make your own DIY outdoor movie screen, which you can position toward your hot tub.

All you need is a projector, a bed sheet, some speakers and a love for horror flicks!

4) Bird-watching breakfast

This probably sounds like the BEST IDEA EVER, or the most boring, depending on your age and interests. But if you’re into a mellow activity like identifying your backyard birds, then why not do it from the hot tub? Bring the binoculars and a bird identification book, and you’re all set.

For extra enjoyment, do it during the birds’ morning feeding time, and top it off with your own hearty breakfast, served before or after the bird-watching.

5) Grab a book and some hot apple cider

If this isn’t cozy, then what is? Whether you do it alone or with family, your hot tub is a great place for enjoying a good read and your favorite fall drinks.

6) Game day in the hot tub

This one’s for you, sports fans!

Just like “movie night” above, game day is another great opportunity to combine your two favorite things: your hot tub and your favorite teams.

7) Soak up the autumn colors

Who says you need all kinds of extra stimuli to enjoy your hot tub?

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy it is to sit back and take in your surroundings. Fall makes this even more special, as the changing leaves provide a beautiful backdrop to your serene, backyard spa retreat.