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Skip Black Friday Stress: Spend the Morning in Your Spa

Spend the Morning in Your Spa

In a few days, millions of Americans will kick off the holiday season with a unique ritual in this country: Black Friday shopping. But we have a different idea: skip it. Stay home. Soak in the hot tub instead.

After a long, stressful day of Thanksgiving cooking, cleaning and family gatherings, many people will only make it worse for themselves. Some will get up as early as 3am (or not even go to sleep at all) to get the hottest deals at their local department stores. Some do it for the savings. Others do it for fun and tradition. But no matter what the reasons for Black Friday shopping, we can all agree that it piles on additional stress that you don’t really need.

So, allow us to paint a different picture for your Black Friday ritual this year:

  •  Imagine waking without the alarm clock. Maybe it’s still early, and the kids are in bed. But the house is quiet and peaceful after a long day of Thanksgiving craziness.
  • Picture yourself enjoying a mug of hot coffee. No need to rush or get dressed. You can stay in your robe and slippers. Instead of running out the door, you head for the hot tub.
  • The sun is coming up. The air is brisk. While others across the nation are standing in line, swinging elbows to grab products off the shelves, you’re slipping into your hot, bubbly spa.
  • Ahh… not a care in the world as you sit back, soak in the hot water and sip your coffee.
  • When the family wakes up, why scramble? Relax. Stay put. Invite them in too.
  • There you are, the whole family together, enjoying the relaxation and numerous health benefits of sitting in your spa. You share stories. Laugh about all the things that happened over Thanksgiving dinner. Talk about the upcoming holidays and how you’ll all enjoy them, all season long.

This is what Black Friday should be all about.

If you and your family will be home after Thanksgiving, why spend the day at the stores? Treat yourselves to a serene, stress-free morning that actually makes you appreciate your day off, instead of wishing you’d stayed in bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!