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The Fun Way to Get Fit: Endless Pools Fitness Systems

One mom’s struggle to lose weight

Like many moms, Meredith struggled to lose weight after having kids. In fact, she seemed to be gaining even more as the months went by.

She tried all kinds of workouts … exercise videos … gym memberships … but nothing seemed to work. And, as she gained more weight, it became even harder to exercise. Her joints began to hurt, limiting the time she spent on the treadmill before feeling pain. 

Finally, a solution that worked

That’s when she decided to try an Endless Pools Fitness System (sometimes referred to as a “swim spa”). Although Meredith was never a big swimmer, she quickly saw that there were so many other ways to exercise in a swim spa.

Sure enough, by practicing a variety of low-impact water exercises, she was able to work out without the pain. Slowly, but surely, she began losing weight while discovering the numerous benefits of an Endless Pools Fitness System …

Endless exercises, endless benefits

  • Low-impact aquatic fitness for all ages: Same effective workouts, but under water for less pressure on your joints. An Endless Pools Fitness System lets you do a wide range of exercises, comfortably and in the privacy of your home.
  • Swimming in place: Endless Pools fitness systems have a powerful, adjustable current that’s wider than your body, allowing you to swim in place, at your own pace.
  • Walking and running: No need for all that dry-land pounding. With the optional underwater treadmill, your Fitness System lets you comfortably walk and run in place, and you can adjust the current to your preferred intensity.
  • Rowing and resistance bands: With optional resistance bands, which attach securely to built-in anchors, you can get a full-body rowing workout in a comfortable underwater environment.
  • Weight-lifting, aerobics and other exercises: Why not bring your dumbbells into the water? There’s practically no limit to the exercises you can do in an Endless Pools Fitness System. And since the water’s buoyancy makes you feel about 90% lighter, there’s far less impact on your hips, knees, ankles and back.
  • Relaxation and family time: The whole family can stay fit and stay connected in an Endless Pools Fitness System. And if you choose a dual-temperature system, you’ll get the added benefit of a separate spa to relax and unwind. 

100 lbs. lighter and feeling great

So far, Meredith has lost more than 100 pounds by combining her new aquatic workout routine with other healthy changes to her diet and lifestyle.* And she’s not done yet. Her goal is to continue exercising, losing weight and building strength with her aquatic fitness routine, so that she can eventually compete in the New York City Marathon.

Free upgrades through Labor Day 2019

Ready to experience the benefits for yourself? From August 9 through September 2, 2019, when you purchase an Endless Pools Fitness System or SwimCross Exercise System from Crystal Pools, you’ll receive two free upgrades: a FREE Bluetooth®-Enabled Sound System and FREE Resistance Bands, a $1,299 retail value.

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*Results were based on a combination of exercise, diet and lifestyle changes and the endorser’s experience may not represent general achievement from using the product as described.