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What to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub

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A hot tub offers numerous benefits for both mind and body. But with so many styles and brands to choose from, it’s important to know what to look for.

As temperatures drop, many homeowners will be considering adding a hot tub to their backyards. During the fall and winter seasons, there’s nothing like stepping into a deliciously warm, bubbly hot tub. Sitting in a hot tub is a proven way to relieve stress, relax your muscles and ease joint pain. The deep relaxation can have a positive effect on your blood pressure and your quality of sleep.

But if you’re not careful about what hot tub you buy, your investment could become a headache, instead of a haven.

Don’t worry—it’s easy to choose the perfect hot tub when you know how. Here are 5 things to consider.

1) Brand
Not all hot tubs are created equal. Before you consider any features of a hot tub, you must narrow your options to established, well-rated brands. A hot tub is a big investment. You don’t want to be kicking yourself in a year or two for buying some cheaply made product at a big-box store.

Hot tubs will not last if they are not well made. Stick to brands that have been building and improving hot tubs for decades, like HotSpring, Jacuzzi, Caldera, and Hot Spot, to name a few. By choosing a top brand, you know you’re getting a hot tub that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

2) Size
Make sure it has enough seats! Hot tubs come in a wide range of sizes, from two-person to twelve or even higher. A popular size is 6-7-person. Even if your family is smaller, you’ll want to have room for friends to come over (hot tub party, anyone?). But don’t go overboard, either. Larger hot tubs require more water and use more energy to keep hot. So think twice about buying one of those huge hot tubs, unless you know you’ll be filling it with people all the time.

3) Jets
Pay attention to the number of jets and where they’re located. More jets doesn’t necessarily mean the hot tub is “better,” but it could mean that it offers a powerful hydro-massage experience.

Some hot tubs have most of the jets focused on the back, and that’s fine. But if you want full-body hydrotherapy, look for options that also have jets positioned at the legs, feet, hands and neck.

4) Comfort
There’s nothing wrong with sitting in a hot tub before you buy. In fact, you should. Hot tubs are designed with different seats, different curves and comfort features. One may feel like the seat doesn’t quite match the natural curve of the back. Another may feel more comfortable because of arm rests. You won’t know until you sit in it, so be sure to do that before you put down the deposit.

5) Warranty
The best manufacturers (and their installers) stand by their products. Look for hot tubs that come with warranties, to be sure that any unexpected problems are covered. Pay attention to what the warranties cover and for how long.

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