Pool and Spa Tips and Information

J-300 | How it Works

Are you looking for a hot tub that provides muscle massages and welcoming relaxation? Find out why the J-300 selection represents the best of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs   

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Don’t forget to shock!

Attention Loop-Loc customers … Now is the time of year to shock your pool if you want to ensure clear water. Warmer weather, sun and spring showers will result in the growth of algae. While algae itself is not technically dangerous, it creates dangerous conditions as it becomes feeding ground for harmful bacteria and other […]

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What’s the best temperature for pool water?

  You’ve scheduled a large family picnic at your house. The night before, the outside temperature dropped to 50 degrees. The next day, you take the solar cover off the pool but the water temperature is only 77 degrees. Not too bad, you think! Everyone comes to the picnic, but you notice only the children […]

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